Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Indestructible Dog Toy (What's Left of Him)

Caitlin chewed on Bevo after I'd gone to bed on Thursday night. Here's what I found on Friday morning.
Poor Bevo's head is empty now. He has only one horn (most of it, anyway) and about half an ear.
His body is pretty much intact, although she pulled the stuffing from his left front leg through his head.
I have a carrier bag full of stuffing that I'll save to use myself.

She still loves him.

She played with him quite a bit yesterday, shaking him and pouncing on him, but his body is still largely intact, and she hasn't pulled out a whole lot more stuffing. Unfortunately, he doesn't keep her from chewing other things. There's another new hole in the backrest, I see, and some stuffing that doesn't belong to Bevo.