Saturday, July 28, 2012

Surf Dogs

This is the second year that Rob and I have gone to clinics for the Helen Woodward Dog Surf-a-Thon.

The dogs can practice surfing at several clinics before the main event in September. We went to the actual event last year, but it was a zoo. The clinics were more fun--dogs running around everywhere, some surfing, some being pushed around on surfboards by hopeful owners, and some just enjoying themselves. Of course, last year we didn't have Caitlin. I was really looking forward to taking her this year.

In spite of perfect weather, it was a flop as far as we were concerned. The few dogs that were there were all leashed except for the ones who were actually surfing. We let Caitlin off anyway, and she had about 10 minutes of play in the surf with a chocolate lab who was also unleashed, before a lifeguard came and ordered us to leash them. It took us another 5 minutes to catch the two dogs. The lifeguard continued up the beach shouting at the few other scofflaws she found. At least she didn't fine us.

Caitlin wasn't interested in walking around the beach on a leash, so we left. We planned to take her to OB instead, but the traffic for Seaworld was so heavy by then that Rob made the "executive decision" to go home instead.

We'll go to the dog park instead.

There are 3 more clinics, on August 11th, 18th, & 25th, but I don't think we'll be going.