Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dog Park is Inspiration for Prizewinning App

Are you wasting your time at the dog park?

Not if you can come up with a good idea, act on it, and go on to win a $500 prize from Qualcomm.

And then, working with people from Qualcomm go on to win another prize-- $5000 this time.

Joel Drotleff's idea was so successful that he's thinking of starting a new business based on his dog-park-inspired idea.

You can read all about it in this article, which appeared in the U-T today:
http://www.imthereforyoubaby.com/2012/07/17/startup-weekend-take s-beginners-for-a-test-drive/

Joel, by the way, is not only good at apps for your smart phone. He's also a photographer, and will be one of the people judging the photos for the upcoming Canine Corners 2013 calendar.

Congratulations, Joel!

Can you write another app for us to effortlessly produce the calendar and sell thousands of them?