Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dogs at Harry Griffen Park--Smokey

Smokey was so nervous and fearful that he wouldn't let anyone at the Riverside shelter go near him. He just cowered at the back of his cage. He was only an hour away from euthanasia when a volunteer from Labradors and Friends noticed him and took action.

Ruth Turner took him in as a foster dog about a month ago. She has worked wonders with him.

I would never have imagined that the friendly, energetic, and self-confident puppy (He's only 10 months old) was ever the dog she described to me. He is a beautiful, bouncy dog.

Ruth says, "He's up for adoption. I'm looking for a home for him...but I like him so much, I'm not looking very hard."

I liked him a lot, too. He'll be a wonderful addition to the family that adopts him.