Monday, July 2, 2012

The Lucky Dog--by Cindy Price

Another great story from the Critter Sitter, Cindy:

Being in the pet industry for several years, initially as a manager at Petco and now owning my own business at Critter, I have heard many heartbreaking and heartwarming stories.  I prefer to remember the heartwarming stories.   One such account that comes to mind is the life of Lucky.

Lucky is a Blue Nose Pit Bull that was found wandering the desert by the Humane Society.  When the Humane Society discovered Lucky, he was dehydrated and in very poor condition.  Upon further inspection, it was discovered that Lucky had endured some of the worst neglect and animal abuse they had ever witnessed.  Whoever his previous owner had been was perhaps the most heartless, mean to the core and quite possibly the devil incarnate himself.

No one will ever know the exact details about Lucky’s previous life, but we can surmise.  Lucky’s ears had been cropped and upon inspection by a veterinarian, he determined they had been cropped with garden shears.  Not only that, Lucky had deep burns on most of his body, most likely from acid being poured on him deliberately.  Was Lucky being used and trained as a fighting dog?  Was Lucky too sweet and no matter what abused he endured, Lucky remained a docile, sweet Pit Bull?  Any Pit Bull owner will tell you Pit Bulls’ temperaments typically is one of an overly friendly, happy, exuberant nature that loves and adores people and wants nothing more than to please humans.  Dependent and exceedingly loyal, Pit Bulls make absolutely wonderful family dogs that adore children; that is the true nature of Pit Bulls.

After extensive rehabilitation from the acid burns, Lucky still has scars that will never disappear.  Lucky was put up for adoption and a very kind woman, named Charlotte, who understands the breed adopted him.  Charlotte would bring Lucky into the pet store on a regular basis, and I can vouch for the fact Lucky was perhaps the sweetest, happiest Pit Bull I’d ever met.  The “less-than-human” prior owner was probably frustrated he was unable to turn Lucky into a mean, fighting dog, so Lucky’s fate was to be abused beyond the fathomable.  Lucky truly is a lucky dog to have found Charlotte….or is Charlotte the lucky one?  The one thing for certain, nothing could break the loving spirit of Lucky, the lovable Pit Bull.