Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maddy's Story, by Cindy Price

This beautiful story was contributed by Cindy Price, the owner of Critter Sitters

Maddy is a rambunctious, energetic, beautiful long haired German Sheppard.  I was hired by Sue, her Mommy, to walk, exercise and spend quality time with this sweet, lovable doggy.  Her mommy works long hours, sometimes 15 hours per day and Maddy showed signs of separation anxiety and frustration. Being a German Sheppard puppy, she needs to work, play and have something to do all day long.  Since her Mommy is away from home for countless hours during the day, Maddy would destroy anything and everything while Mommy Sue was working.  She literally chewed the wood siding off her Mommy’s house.  Mommy Sue purchased a new mattress, which Maddy quickly discovered was an overgrown plush toy which she immediately removed the stuffing as over-exuberant dogs do. Mommy Sue loved and adored Maddy.  The bond was obvious when you met them.  Mommy Sue never got angry when Maddy destroyed everything in her sight.

Mommy Sue was finally persuaded by a mutual friend to hire me to help with her situation.  Mommy Sue hired me to take Maddy for a walk three times a week, one hour each visit.  Initially, that’s exactly what I did.  I would take Maddy for a walk in the neighborhood for at least an hour.  It wasn’t long before I realized Maddy needed more than a one hour walk could offer.  I decided what Maddy needed was to run and play with other dogs.  So I asked Mommy Sue if I could take Maddy to Dog Park (Wells Park) in El Cajon.  Mommy Sue approved my decision, so I was happy to take this exuberant bundle of joy to dog park to play and frolic three times per week.  Initially, Maddy was shy and uncertain with all the off-leash dogs.  It didn’t take long for Maddy to love her outings and she knew the minute she saw me she was going to play with her friends at dog park.  Deep down I knew, the three days per week, one hour per visit would never be enough for this dear, sweet dog……but I continued my job as instructed by Mommy Sue.  I told Mommy Sue that I have doggy daycare in my home and Maddy is welcome to come and play, frolic and enjoy life as dogs are meant to do in my home, on my ½ acre backyard while she was at work.  I’ll never know why Mommy Sue was reluctant to take me up on my offer.

I nicknamed Maddy, Marley after the movie Marley and Me.  Maddy is, without a doubt, Marley.  Mommy Sue contacted me one day and said everyone in her cul-de-sac was DONE with Maddy.  The minute Mommy Sue would back out of her driveway  on her way to work, Maddy would bark relentlessly.  I suggested to Mommy Sue that perhaps the best thing for Maddy was to have another dog to play with her while her mommy was at work.  Mommy Sue was reluctant to consider adopting another dog.  I made a promise to myself when I started my pet sitting business that I would never get attached to a dog.  So shoot me!  I was totally attached to Maddy and wanted only the best for her.

Mommy Sue invested so much money in Maddy….bark collars……dog walking……..canine education….you name it.  Mommy Sue loves Maddy with every fiber of her being.

When the situation became more than Mommy Sue could handle and she was at her wits end, I offered to give a trial run and see if Maddy would do better with another doggy to keep her company while her Mommy  Sue was at work.   So what I did was take one of my dogs…….my loveable Roscoe….half German Sheppard, half Chow and basically give him to Mommy Sue.  Mommy Sue spoiled my Roscoe with toys, beds, food….it was endless.  Maddy and Roscoe bonded immediately.  Sadly, it was not enough for Maddy.  What Maddy needed was to be with a family…..children…..people that were home most of the day.  So Mommy Sue did the ultimate sacrifice and gave her precious Maddy to a loving family; a family that has children with endless energy.

Maddy is currently living with her new family.  Maddy is happy, healthy and living the life God intended for our precious creatures.  Roscoe is back home with me….his family….the dogs he has grown up with.  The only one suffering is Mommy Sue.