Friday, July 20, 2012

How Smart is Your Dog? Caitlin Takes a Test.

Rob has been telling me for some time, " I don't think Caitlin is all that smart."

I translate that to mean, "Caitlin won't do as she's told."

My personal opinion is that Caitlin is fairly bright, but extremely stubborn. But how can I be sure?

So today I went looking for dog intelligence tests and found one that looks fairly straightforward.

The dog is supposed to be at least a year old before testing. Caitlin is about 8 months-.-close enough.

Test #1: Let the dog watch you put a treat under a tin can and see how long it takes for her to retrieve it.
     Caitlin passed this with flying colors. She turned the can over got the hot dog within seconds.

Test #2: Let the dog watch you put a treat under a towel.
     Caitlin knew where the hot dog was, but she had trouble figuring out how to get it. I aborted the test when she decided that the best solution would be to chew a hole in my last good kitchen towel.
Intellectual honesty compels me to say that she failed this one.

I will try test #3 & #4 tomorrow.