Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dogs in (the News About) Wimbledon

Okay, this is a bit of a stretch, but it's as close as I could come to getting Wimbledon into a blog about dogs.

Andy Murray, who is Britain's great hope in the tennis world has a long-time girlfriend named Kim Sears.

This is from an article about her in the Telegraph:
"Miss Sears, 24, has launched her own website named Brushes and Paws to promote her painted portraits of dogs, including Maggie and Rusty, the border terriers she shares with Murray.
The English Literature graduate, who is often seen watching her partner from the sidelines, posted her first blog entry on June 14, almost a fortnight before Wimbledon started.
Referring to her love of dogs, she describes herself as “one of those people” who repeatedly photographs her pets.
On her website, she said: “Everyone I know treats their pet as an extension of themselves, so I like to think I produce quirky yet emotive paintings that effectively capture what it is we treasure most in our furry companions.
"I paint other things too, but my favourite subject matter continues to be of the four-legged variety--wet nose and wagging tail optional" "
The only website called Brushes and Paws seems to be her landing page, so I guess she hasn't actually started it yet. I did find her blog, which as far as I can see has only one posting.

Here's what is probably her original website:!prettyPhoto[mixed]/3/
One of her paintings, entitled "Scrappy:

Here's a photo of her own dogs, Maggie and Rusty.
Had he won, Andy would have been the first British man to win at Wimbledon since 1936, but, sadly for Britain, he lost the final match to Roger Federer. Roger regained his world #1 status as well as tying Pete Sampras's record 7 Wimbledon victories. A good match!