Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where to Board Caitlin--Tom Large

Yesterday we took Caitlin to meet Tom Large, whom my sister Demmie had suggested as a possible person to take care of her. He is an older man. After losing his last dog, he decided he didn't want to go through that agony again, but he loves dogs, so he began taking care of other people's. He charges only $20 per day--less than anyone else we have met so far. He has a lovely home in the Stonecrest development just above Aero Drive. He takes only one dog at a time, takes them for 2 or three walks a day, lets them sleep on his bed if their owner permits, and lets them have the run of his house. His garden is very small. He lets the dogs go out there only when he is with them, but he says he spends a lot of time out there.

I think he would be a wonderful dog-sitter for an older, calmer dog than Caitlin.

I don't think he'd ever speak to us again if we let him keep Caitlin for 10 days, which he has actually agreed to do. I'm pretty sure she'd chew all his furniture and pester him mercilessly for attention. I have come to think that Caitlin, at least for now, absolutely has to have the company of other dogs to play with. Even Superman probably wouldn't have the energy or the will to give her all the exercise and stimulation that she needs, let alone a mere mortal.

I would recommend him highly to anyone who has an adult dog of the right temperament. Call me for his phone number and email if you need the services of someone like him.