Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dogs at Harry Griffen Park--Athena

This gorgeous little German Shepherd puppy is Athena.
She belongs to Annalisa Castillo, who got her as a present from her boyfriend. At four months old, Athena is already feisty and self-confident. She gallops along after the bigger dogs, gives a little squeal if one of them snaps at her or knocks her over, but then goes right back after them again.

Annalisa is enjoying Athena's puppy antics, but says she'll feel safer running after dark with Athena as her companion. She also expects her to be a reliable guardian for her four-year old son.

She seems to like all the  usual dog occupations. She shares Caitlin's proclivity for washing her head in the water buckets, and she likes to dig.
Helping Simba Dig a Hole
If the size of her feet and ears are anything to go by, Athena will be a big dog, . Simba had better be nice to her. He won't be able to knock her down and climb all over her very much longer.