Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where to Board Caitlin--Plush Puppies

When we were on the way to the Canine Lodge yesterday, we saw signs for two other boarding facilities. We decided to visit them on the way back.

First on our way back was Plush Puppies, on Quail Valley Way. The owner, Catz Plush, reminded me of my seventh grade math teacher, Natalie Erxleben.

Miss Erxleben, who was called "Turkey Legs" behind her back, was forty-something, tall and slim with a raptor's beak--almost the stereotypical old-maid schoolmarm. She was never heard to raise her voice, but no student ever questioned her authority. Burly troublemakers who had been ejected from every other class called her "Ma'am" and did her bidding without a murmur. My math scores jumped three grades during the year I was in her class.

So, I believe, does Catz Plush keep order among her canine boarders. She says she returns them to their families better behaved than when they arrived. It's probably true.

The facility is attractive. Her large white-fenced front yard is entirely carpeted with astroturf, has several shade trees and an in-ground swimming pool. The dogs are allowed to play as much as they like, all day long if they wish.

Catz pre-screens prospective boarders for sociability. Caitlin was introduced to a firecracker little pit bull named Bruin, who chased her around relentlessly. She handled him with aplomb and remained unfazed by his obnoxious hyperactivity, so I guess Caitlin is allowed to board there if we wish.

Plush Puppies would certainly be high on my list of boarding facilities if money were no object, but t heir prices were significantly higher than anywhere else we've been. Catz was willing to board Caitlin for 2 weeks at the discounted price of $600. Anyone who can afford that should definitely check them out when looking for somewhere to board their dog.