Monday, June 11, 2012

Did you get that out of the toilet, you nasty dog?

I said that to Caitlin on Friday while we were in Julian with my sister Ollie.

Caitlin had just emerged from the bathroom with a sodden white mass trailing from her mouth and plopped down on the living room carpet to begin chewing on it.

Ollie burst out laughing.

Now I'm trying to find the website I was looking at a couple of weeks ago. I think it had been sent to me by Stumbleupon, a service to which I subscribe that sends you strange and wonderful links on any subject in which you express an interest. This website was probably related to my interest in literature, and was a list of stories in one sentence. This may have been it; I'm not sure.

It's wonderful how the right sentence can call up a whole host of images and emotions and even an entire imagined story.