Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog Telepathy

Here's a link to Rupert Sheldrake's website:
He's a serious scientist, educated at Cambridge University, and interested in parapsychology. I read the book that is the title of this post.
A thought provoking book. Sheldrake invites people whose dogs (or cats) seem to know when they will be arriving home to send him their stories. He gives many examples of animals who seem to be able to tell; and he discusses several possible explanations in the book. However, in the end, he thinks that the animals are probably using telepathy.

I had never thought about the idea of animal telepathy before I read his book, but maybe my cat Tigger knew when I'd be returning. I would very often see her waiting for me at the corner of our property under the pine tree. She'd greet me there, then run around to the driveway and greet me again as I started up the path to our front door. At this distance in time, it would be impossible to know whether her behavior was anything but coincidence, and there was no one else watching her to see how long she waited for me. Tigger and I did have an extremely close emotional connection, so maybe it's possible she knew.

I wonder if any of the dog owners who go to Harry Griffen Park have had apparently telepathic connections to their animals.