Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flag Day Parade in La Mesa

Many of the dogs who go to Harry Griffen Park marched in yesterday's Flag Day Parade in La Mesa. For Caitlin, it was a morning full of firsts. She barked suspiciously at an 8-foot-high dove of peace that was waiting to head up the parade. It had already attracted considerable attention from the male dogs, who were busily lifting their legs against it. Then the Marine Band started practicing nearby. More barking. I took Caitlin over to see Max, a large black great Dane. Max got her calmed down to the extent that she substituted frenzied leaping at his muzzle for frenzied barking at the band.

I'm bored. When do we start?
After about an hour of everybody milling about, the parade got underway. We were number 66 in the line-up, so we got to watch about two-thirds of the parade before trooping out to follow Dennis Rifkin's motorbike, as "Who Let the Dogs Out" blared forth.
Marching in unison
My grandson, Joseph, volunteered to carry the sign heading up our group.
We are underway.
Some of the dogs Sported fancy headgear.
Check out Maddie's scarf.
Luckily, the day wasn't too hot. I hadn't even thought to bring Caitlin's canteen, and she must have been parched by the time we finished. Thankfully, volunteers were handing out bottles of water at the end point, so Caitlin got a drink before walking another 3/4 mile back to our car.