Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dogs at Harry Griffen--The Lonely Giant

Yesterday a HUGE rottweiler came to the dog park. He probably tipped the scales at 200 pounds or more.

He appeared diffident and inoffensive.

He had no interest in dogs near his own size (not that there were any), but kept approaching the smallest dogs in the park.

One of two things happened.

Either, the owner of the small dog snatched it up and carried it over to the small dog side.

Or the small dog lunged at the Rottweiler's face, causing him to back with up, looking confused and hurt.

Cindy Lou (the Aussie shepherd puppy) pursued him so aggressively that her owner leashed her and put her in time-out.

He tried to nuzzle up to Nina, a little spaniel, who barked and snapped at him, although she stopped short of actual pursuit.

A couple of the bigger dogs made tentative approaches. He ignored them.

Finally he wandered off and stood, all alone, staring wistfully through the fence at the little dogs playing on the other side.

He looke exactly like the child who doesn't fit in, standing by himself in the schoolyard. My heart went out to him.

It seems that humans are not the only beings who yearn after what they can't have.