Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Learn About Geocaching--by Caitlin

On Tuesday we did something really fun. It was called geocaching.

Mommy and Daddy and I went to the dog park. Instead of going to play with dogs, we all got into Kaylee's truck. Kaylee wasn't there, but her daddy was. Cindy Lou's daddy and Jack's daddy were there, too. Then Angel arrived with her mommy and daddy, and they followed us away from the dog park.

I didn't think I'd be bored on the ride because I found a whole pile of brand new bright yellow leather gloves on the floor of the truck.

Unfortunately, Daddy looked down just as I was starting to take the first bite.

Each of the daddies had brought a little gadget that they called a GPS. They said it would help them find the geocaches. I didn't see why they needed the GPS's. Angel and I would be able to find anything worth looking for just with our noses.

We wnt to a place called Hollenbeck Canyon.

This is what it looks like:
It was the best place I've ever been. My nose almost went on overload from all the wonderful smells--coyote scat, horse droppings, and some that I'd never smelled before. I also found something dead in a stream bed just off the trail. Unfortunately Mommy came and made me leave before I could complete my forensic investigation of the body. I find her lack of scientific curiosity hard to understand.

Another thing that's hard to understand is why all the daddies were so keen to find the geocaches. Here's a picture of us with the first find:
It turned out to be nothing but a metal box that they called an ammo box. The stuff inside didn't smell particularly interesting and certainly wasn't edible. I couldn't see why they got so excited.

Nonetheless, I'm all in favor of geocaching. It keeps the daddies distracted better than anything I've ever seen. Instead of telling Angel and me not to do stuff, they were busy walking around in circles asking each other whether their GPS was beeping.

Mommy didn't care about the ammo boxes. She mostly stayed on the trail taking pictures. Here's a picture of a hawk that she saw:
I hope we'll do it again soon.