Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recycling the Poop--the Park Spark Project

This is a diagram of how a dog poop-to-power project would work:
It is the brainchild of Matthew Mazzota.

In 2010, he installed a demonstration methane digester at a dog park in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Park Spark Project.
Dog owners put the poop (in supplied biodegradable bags) into the digester, which then turns it into methane to light a lamp at the park.
There seems to have been a lot of coverage of this in 2010, right after the project started, but I couldn't find any evidence that they have ever been able to expand it to other cities.

A project like this would almost certainly work at Harry Griffen Park. Not only do we have plenty of poop, we have a plenty of people who would put their poop in the digester. Since the park isn't open at night, we'd have to come up with another use for the power produced by the methane.

How much do you suppose such a project costs? I didn't find anything about that on their website.