Friday, August 17, 2012

Good Water-by Caitlin.

Water can be either good or bad, depending on context.

Puddles are good. I jump up and down in them whenever we pass one on our morning walk.

Water bowls at the dog park are good. Not only can you drink out of them, you can wash your face and paws. If you wash vigorously enough, you can make quite a bit of mud around the bowl which you can then rub your face in. Even if there wasn't enough water to really splash around, if you at least got your head wet, you can always roll in the dirt afterward. A good way to keep cool in hot weather.

Bodies of water are almost always good. Tiny ponds and ditches are often quite fragrant, plus you can drape yourself in green slime if you dive in and right out again. That usually gets quite a reaction from Mommy. She says I might make myself sick, but I think it just strengthens my immune system. Lately Mommy has taken to shortening my leash whenever we get close to a really nice ditch.

Lakes look nice. I'd really like to go for a swim in Lake Murray, but so far I haven't been let off the leash anywhere near the water. I may have made a tactical error the time I ran out onto Baltimore Drive one morning.  I found a delicious-looking fish right in the middle of the road and was just savoring the first few bites when Mommy snuck up and grabbed me from behind. She has never let me off the leash at Lake Murray since then. (Mommy said the fish was probably dropped by an osprey.)

I really like the ocean, but I don't go in very far because it has waves that actually come after you and try to get you. So far I've gotten away every time, but it's been close once or twice. I can't do my best herding in the ocean. Some of the dogs I herd have so little sense that they'll chase balls right into great big waves clear over their heads. I stand in the shallow water watching and waiting for them to return to a sensible depth before I take up the chase again.

I also like hoses. I like to dance around the stream of water, thrusting my head in and out and catching it in my mouth. Mommy used to let me help her water her potted plants in the front garden, but for some reason she got upset when I knocked a few of them over. I don't see how I was to blame for that. She was the one who held the hose where I couldn't get to the water without stepping on her precious pots.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about bad water.