Sunday, August 5, 2012

Odie, the Racing Dachshund

A bunch of us from the dog park were there to cheer him on yesterday as Odie crossed the finish line. He ran not once, but twice at the Wiener Nationals yesterday, and he did so with style and panache.
Odie at the Finish Line

The dachshund races were fun. There were cheering crowds, funny costumes, lots of barking and lots of cheering for the little athletes.
Hot Dog with Mustard

A Hula Dachshund

Although a few of the dogs burst out of the starting gate and raced for the finish line, most did something else. Some turned around and went back. Some wandered around on the track. Some just stood there. Best of all, nobody took it very seriously, and everyone had a good time.
No competition in this heat

No irate parents bellowing at the judges. No coaches screaming at athletes who made a mistake. No one making excuses for a loss or gloating over a win.

Lots of laughter. Lots of fun.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every sporting event were such a source of joy for participants and spectators both.

Odie got a mention in the paper, too. Check out the last paragraph.