Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dogs at Harry Griffen Park--Georgette

All Georgette's days are bad hair days. She was born without any hair at all, and although she has quite a bit now, her body is still covered with pink bald spots where there is no hair or very little.

She is Dennis Strong's latest foster dog from Second Chance Rescue. http://secondchancedogrescue.org/

The vet thinks her hair problem is caused by a yeast infection which they are treating with medicine and a gluten-free diet.

She also has an eye infection that makes her eyes look sort of gooey and red.

All in all, Georgette is not a physically beautiful dog. Dennis thinks her chances of being adopted are slim--at least for now.

Georgette is like the girls your mother used to try to get you to date when you were a teenager, "but she has such a nice personality!"

And she does! She comes bouncing into the dog park full of life and vitality, eager to play and eager to please. She is so obviously full of joy, so vibrant, so happy to be alive and among other dogs that you can't help warming to her.

Eager as she is to greet other dogs, she is very timid. She approaches each new dog in a high-speed submissive crouch, her knees bent double, her head held low, looking more like a crab than a dog as she hurries up to her new acquaintance.

She needs to love someone. I hope she'll find someone soon who will love her as much in return.