Friday, May 25, 2012

Where to board Caitlin--Happy Dog Ranch

Yesterday we took her to visit the Happy Dog Ranch
"Ranch" is a bit of a stretch, as it is a small private home with a relatively small fenced front yard in which the dogs can play. They can't play in the back, as it is completely taken up by a swimming pool, and they don't give the dogs access to it. The family room is littered with dog beds, and the couches are covered with blankets, so I suppose the dogs are allowed there.
The boarding is run by John Moran and his wife, Christine. She works, and he stays home with the dogs. They will board 5 dogs at a time. They already have one of their own. The dogs can play in the house all day, and sometimes in the front garden. John would have to let them out. He assures me that the dogs are never left alone. After Christine gets home at about 4:00, they take the dogs for a walk around their neighborhood, each of them leading 3 dogs.
They wanted to meet Caitlin before agreeing to take her, so I'd expect that they won't take any who are obviously antisocial.
In spite of the informality of the setup, I'd feel pretty comfortable leaving Caitlin with them. I'm waiting for John to give me the names of some former clients to get their input.

Note added later: They don't want her--said she was too young. Maybe that was because I told them she chews furniture, or because Rob told them how she takes baths in the water bowl. Perhaps we'll be more reticent next time. Rob says he didn't like John much anyway.