Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where to board Caitlin--Camp Bow Wow

Rob & I have a six month old border collie named Caitlin.
She's a. handful, needs enormous amounts of exercise, wants to be the center of attention, and is quite pushy about it if she wants something (usually to go to the dog park). She's crashed out against my leg right now, but 20 minutes from now, she'll be trying to bite my laptop or get my mouse away from me. She's difficult to ignore.

We;re going on vacation in September. We'll be going to southern Utah with an outfit called Road Scholar (used to be called Elder Hostel--since it's mainly for old geezers like us) but they changed the name, so that it wouldn't sound so geezerly. Actually it sounds like a pretty cool outfit. You can check it out at ttp://
Before we discovered Road Scholar, I had been doing a lot of research on Utah. Of all the websites I looked up, my favorite was this one: I'll list the other good ones in some later blog.

Back to Caitlin, I don't think we can leave her with Rob's son, as she has already nipped their youngest boy, Lee, and I can only see that going from bad to worse if we're not there to watch & discipline her, so I'm looking for somewhere to board her for 2 weeks where she won't just be locked up in a cage. (She now has her nose resting on my lap desk and is gazing soulfully into my eyes & tentatively licking the side of the monitor. I'll stop here for now.)

Back after a trip to Harry Griffen dog park

While we were there on Monday, Renata, whose huge German Shepherd, Valentino, is one of the dogs Caitlin likes to herd, told us about Camp BowWow & said our introductory day there would be free. So we took Caitlin the next day. It looks pretty good. The dogs spend most of the day playing either indoors or outdoors (their choice) & they have a web cam that anyone can use to see what the dogs are doing. Valentino was there, too, that day, but he was in time-out for aggressive behavior, and he looked pretty miserable in his 15 minutes of jail time. Caitlin had a good time, so we'll certainly consider leaving her there. Pretty expensive, though.

I'll gratefully receive any suggestions that anyone can give on other options.