Friday, May 25, 2012

Goals for my blog

Here's my list (so far) of the subjects I'd like to discuss in my blog.
          (Rob says to add halitosis & bathing) Does this make you suspect anything about Caitlin?
     dog-related products
     obedience training
          disciplinary issues
          specialized training
               search & rescue
               service dogs
              rattlesnake aversion training
     dog parks
     dog camps
     traveling with dogs
     places dogs can go in San Diego
          where to walk your dog
          where to hike with your dog
     day care, pet sitters
     rescue centers
     special events for dogs
          La Mesa Parade
          surfing competitions
     play groups
     costumes & dog clothing
     dog photography, studio photographers
     dogs & kids
     feeding, making own food/treats
     featured dogs, stories about notable dogs (especially Harry Griffen Park dogs)

I think it's okay to veer off subject briefly, but I'd like to keep this mostly about dogs, especially local dogs, their owners, & issues that relate to them. I'd like a family-friendly blog where everything is civil, sometimes humorous, but never offensive or in bad taste. I will welcome all comments, suggestions, & information relating to these & other topics that concern us all as dog owners.