Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dogs at Harry Griffen Park--Charlie

In March of 2011, Lois Duke was looking for a dog. She had decided not to get a puppy (too much work) or a terrier (too feisty) or a male (too hard to train). She & her daughters, Heather and Shaun, went to the humane society to look. They .saw a cute little Cairn Terrier/Jack Russell puppy sitting alone. The puppy didn't have a name. He had been found wandering the streets, surviving by eating garbage. Shaun said, "Let's just look at him."

The puppy rushed over to them, jumped into Lois's arms and nuzzled her face.

"What will you name him?" Shaun wanted to know

But Lois couldn't think of anything.

While waiting for him to be brought out to her, Lois suddenly leaped out of her seat, threw her arms into the air, and shouted, "Charlie!" much to her own embarrassment and the amusement of the onlookers. The name had popped unbidden into her mind, but Charlie recognized his name right away and has answered to it ever since.

Charlie doesn't eat dog food. Lois makes all his food to order, including yummy dehydrated chicken treats. His favorite cuisine is Italian.

In spite of Lois's reservations about male terrier puppies, Charlie is a paragon of canine virtue. He is especially gentle and tolerant with children and elderly people and seems to know when someone is sick or in pain. He is looking forward to a possible career as a therapy dog.

There is one subject, however, upon which Charlie can be stubborn. This ball is his! Don't you dare try to take it away from him!
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