Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dogs at Harry Griffen--Dante, Snuggles, and Bella

Dante is a swap meet dog. Phil Pettigo & his wife got him at Kobey's 18 months ago as a tiny puppy. Phil says his breed is Chihuahua and heaven-knows-what. Dante loves to run...
                                                                         and run...

                                                                        and run..
"Abandon hope, all ye who race with me."

Snuggles, a purebred miniature poodle, is 4 years old. Unlike Dante, who will be on your lap in a split second, he is timid, and a bit stand-offish until he gets to know you.

Phil's wife found Bella at the swap meet just a few days ago. She is a sub-miniature Chihuahua about 2 months old. In spite of her diminutive size, she already has the upper paw over Snuggles and Dante. We can hardly wait to see her feminine wiles displayed at the dog park when she is old enough.

Is it true that dogs and their owners look alike?