Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Power of Dogs

I posted on my facebook that I may need help from friends to get my creative juices flowing in an effort to keep Stephanie's blog up to date with happy dog stories.  My friend Catherine offered this story which shows the unbelievable empathy dogs have with their human family.  This is Catherine's story about her son's empathy and humane effort to save abandoned puppies and how one puppy helped her son who suffers from seizures:

One hot Summer day, my youngest son Ricky was playing in the desert near our home. While building a fort and doing what boys oftentimes do, he discovered  a litter of pups abandoned in the desert and brought them home. They were severely dehydrated and malnourished. As a family, we spent countless hours hoping to nurse them back to health.  Sadly, all but one died, a pure black chow, we named  Socrates because he would constantly look out into the desert and it appeared he was contemplating his life. Socrates was a very philosophical puppy with deep, haunting eyes and a spirit and unmatched empathy and the ability to heed danger in advance.

As it turned out, Ricky had a seizure disorder and suffered from grand maul seizures frequently. This wonderful dog sensed when Ricky was going to have a seizure and stayed close to him, making sure nothing would injure my baby. Coincidentally, Socrates also had an occasional seizure.  Was Socrates empathy so strong and beyond comprehension that he would have them in Ricky's stead?  I knew Socrates cared for his friend  and was grateful that it was Ricky who saved hm from certain death. Once, while Ricky was walking to the bus stop, Socrates started scratching at the door in a panic.  We let him go after Ricky and followed Socrates. There was my baby, having a seizure in the middle of the desert, and Socrates knew Ricky was in trouble and needed help. Socrates saved  Ricky that day.  The empathy went full circle and it seems even Socrates understood the meaning of paying it forward.  

Never underestimate the power of our beloved dogs!

Ricky is on the left with his mom Catherine and brother Michael.