Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birds Do It, Bees Do It, So Why Not Dogs?

When the cute little Corgi next door came into heat, Joey did what any red-blooded American boy would do. He got aroused.  Big time!

He looked down at himself, and his eyes got big and round, as if to say, "Is that really mine? Wow!" Even Joey was shocked, but he also seemed quite proud of his achievement.  I suppose most males would.

My sister looked at him and said, "He's supposed to be a Boston Terrier. That looks like a mastiff."

My husband said, "That doesn't look normal. You should call the vet."  

I immediately picked up the phone and  proceeded to contact the vet.  Since I have 4 dogs and a pet sitting business in my home, I have the number on speed dial.  They know me well and are never surprised at my latest predicament. 

My first thought prior to calling the vet was give Joey a cold shower.  I mean it's worked for other male species.  

The vet came on the phone and I explained Joey's predicament.  He chucked and said, "You should bring him in for a exam ASAP just in case there is some sort of blockage, but in the meantime sprinkle cold water on Joey!"

I explained, "Ha!  That was my first thought, but man Joey is a Boston Terrier, not a mastiff and nothing about what I'm seeing looks normal"  

I grabbed Joey while his fifth appendage was still proudly at attention and immediately placed him in the bathtub.  I kept the vet on the phone as I quickly sprinkled cold water on his torso.  Immediately, Joey was no longer a mastiff, but back to being a Boston Terrier.

Boy oh boy, the experiences I've had being a pet owner and having a pet service business at times can be stressful, but oftentimes humorous and definitely never boring.