Thursday, April 9, 2015

Take Your Dog Out to Dinner

If you'd only known, for just £20, your dog could have enjoyed a gourmet, five course meal with "paired drinks" served by waiters at his own table.
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The WildFood Cafe in London. The chef is branching out into dog cuisine
The starter: textures of tripe with seaweed and kale puree. Yum!

The main course: crispy paddywack reishi-mushroom-flaxseed cream.
Paddywack is a ligament in the neck of sheep or cattle, eaten in some countries as human food, and also dried as a dog treat.
For dessert, he'd have been treated to  coconut and blueberry-chia pudding with (gluten-free!) cinnamon quinoa.

Served with each course: alkaline water, beef consomme, and coconut water.

And for post-prandial relaxation, your dog could have had a marrow bone from Hill & Szrok to clean his teeth and a fresh-breath herbal tea tonic to aid his digestion.

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London Butchers by Day, Restaurateurs by Night

But you're too late. Even if you and your dog could fly to London this weekend, the Curious Canine Kitchen is sold out.

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Dog socialites at the table
It's a pop-up restaurant happening in Shoreditch on April 11th and 12th, the brainchild of Natty Mason and Emily Stephenson, and was inspired by The Complete Herbal Book for the Dog, by Juliette Bairacli-Levy.
Emily Stephenson, wild chefWild Chefs, Wild Spirit, Wild Team
Chef Emily Stephenson
The proceeds will be donated to Amazon Cares, an animal rescue charity operating in Peru, for which Natty Mason volunteers.

Expensive fun for a good cause. I wish we could ask the dog attendees for a review.

Here's an update on the dinner that took place on Saturday, April 11. Apparently the dogs didn't care for the seaweed.