Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Dog at a Time

I thought I had already written about this book, but apparently I confused the intention with the fact.

I got it from the library last year. Reading it brought both Rob and me to tears.

Pen Farthing, who wrote the book was a British Royal Marine stationed in Afganistan. He was so disturbed by the plight of the dogs there that, against orders, he began taking care of them at their military compound.
Pen Farthing with Nowzad
Although he had to leave most of his dogs in Afghanistan when his deployment ended, he was determined to bring at least a few back to England, including Nowzad, the first dog he had rescued.

He then founded a charity in Nowzad's name, dedicated to finding safe homes in the West for Afghanistan's dogs and cats (over 400 so far).

In 2011 he set up the only officially sanctioned animal rescue shelter and clinic in Afghanistan. The shelter does school visits to educate schoolchildren about animal welfare, and has also launched an animal adoption program.

The exact location of their shelter, somewhere near Kabul, is not publicized for fear of being targeted by the Taliban.

Pen Farthing has just been shortlisted for an International Volunteer Award given by CEVA, a global  veterinary phamaceutical company.

He certainly deserves it.