Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gas Masks for Dogs

Dogs served on both sides during World War II. And both sides apparently valued them enough to design gas masks for them. Here are some photos:

Gas masks were not just routine for adults and children during the Second World War, but for dogs too. Pictured are two dogs in breathing apparatus either side of a German infantryman in a trench
Dogs Fighting for the Germans in World War II
Dogs have historically been a valuable ally for soldiers in wars. Safety equipment was designed specifically for them
This German Shepherd fought for the British
Amazing pictures have emerged which show how common it was for dogs to be equipped with gas masks during the Second World War. These two Alsatians are about to go out on patrol with two British soldiers
British Soldiers ready to go on Patrol
The Germans apparently thought so highly of dogs that they tried to teach them to speak, read, and spell. They even set up a special school, the Hundesprechshule Asra, which existed from 1930 nearly until the end of the war.
In der Villa Viola, hier ein Blick vom Garten, befand sich die Hundesprechschule. Foto: Thomas Spanier.
The Villa in Leutenberg where "talking" dogs were trained
He talks with his paws