Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dogs at Harry Griffen Park--Wadan

This handsome dog is Wadan.

He is a one-year-old Formosan Mountain Dog, Until Novemer 11 of this year, he was living wild on the streets in a mountainous region near Taipei, where his most important task was avoiding the dogcatcher.

His owner, Mary Burns, says he's terrified of white, boxy vans, so she called her contact in Taiwan, who verified her suspicion. The dogcatcher drives a white, boxy van.

Wadan is gentle and playful with other dogs, but he's still very nervous around most people, especially men. Mary obviously adores him, and appears to be adored in return.

Considering that he was a feral dog less than a month ago, Wadan is doing very well indeed. It's lucky for everyone that he managed to evade that boxy white van.
Wadan has generated a lot of interest at the dog park. If Mary should ever decide she doesn't want him any more (fat chance!), I think he'd have volunteers lined up to take him.